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Win five pairs of Surface socks

Win five pairs of Surface socks

Need some new riding socks? Surface Clothing’s Crew socks use a thick cotton/nylon/spandex material for warmth even in the coldest days and with a selection of bright colours you’ll stand out from the crowd.

In this weeks competition we’ve got five pairs of these £9.99 socks to give to one lucky Bikemagic reader. All you need to do is tell us why you deserve to win these socks. You can add photos or video if you think it’ll help you make your case.

We’ll accept entries through the comments box below, in the forum, on our Facebook page or through Twitter.

The competition closes on Saturday 26th November. We’ll pick the winner based on the best reason we receive. Or the one that makes us smile or laugh out loudest.

Read our review of the Surface Clothing Crew socks here

  1. Steve Smith

    I think I deserve a pair after racing in the Salisbury Tri Club Off Road Duathlon last weekend. Having got up to sixth in the run I had to turn around, with the rest of the head of the field, after being directed the wrong way by one of the signs indicating left instead of right! After the extra mile running was completed, two of us then got sent down the wrong path at a three track junction whilst on the bike (no sign at all here) by a dog walker and ended up on an unknown road. The only positive for me was the selection of cakes back at the finish when I eventually worked out how to get back to Broad Chalke!!! Here’s hoping next years event is an improvement…..

  2. Stewart Ridley

    I had several pairs of socks of various clours but sometimes when they went off for a wash one of them would not come back. In time so many disappeared that I had to start wearing odd socks. This isn’t too bad as you can get the maximum wear out of each sock until you only have one left. I have searched everywhere for the ones that have disappeared and I think my daughters are wearing them.
    What I need is a new start and five pairs of matching socks would be brilliant. I would keep them safe from the girls
    by locking them up in my man-drawer when not in use.

  3. Timboid

    I deserve to win the socks because in these times of hardship and toil, all I can afford are the Primark 20p-a-go ones. They are neither comfy, toastie or last more than one outting!

  4. Gus

    Me because I make it a hard and fast rule to ensure that whenever I encounter someone out on the road or trail with any cold bits, I whip of my shoes and warm them with my feet till they purr. With this luscious new socks, I can ensure that I always start the ride with a clean pair, thus lessening the toxic shock and awe reaction, and spreading the luuuuuove.

  5. Dick Barton

    Having a wife in the house that thinks my cycling socks are perfect for her use it means I don’t own many pairs of cycling socks (the fact I’m 4 shoes sizes larger than her doesn’t seem to come into it!).

    I’d like a new set of riding socks so that I can ensure I actually have set for when I do finally get out on the bike…riding a bike without socks when it is -5C tends to leave my toes smelling awful and looking incredibly blue!

  6. Craig Ireland

    I so deserve these socks as my teenage daughter keeps raiding my drawer for my cool stripy wan’s and mixin an matchin them. Only givin them back when she puts mahoosive holes in them! Meanwhile the missus clears out the sock drawer of all odd pairs and holey wans, cause they ain’t good in a month o Sunday’s! I’m down to 5 pairs and go cycling in the gloop every 2nd night, poor washing machine is on the overtime! Pls help. I am so worthy of these. HONESTLY!

  7. Steve

    There is a sock monster that lives in my dryer and his appetite is growing insatiable. It started off with just one here and there but now I’ll be lucky to see a sports sock back from a full weeks wash. I’ve had to start stealing socks myself just to satisfy him, my housemates are becoming suspicious and I fear for my life. A pair of socks of this quality would keep him happy for at least a month and buy me some time to seek out supplies to see him through the winter. Help me I’m scared.

  8. Nick

    I have been told I have been a really naughty boy this year and subsequently I am not going to get any presents fro Xmas.
    Please can I have some socks to cheer me up?

  9. Sophie Merlo

    What else am I going to give my husband for Christmas?

  10. Olivia B

    I’d love to win some Surface socks,
    Kindly being given away by Bikemagic, you guys rock!
    These socks are awesome with colours big and bold,
    So you’d still look hip when it’s freezing cold..

    My feet need Surface socks in their life,
    They need to feel snugly when riding my bike,
    And I won’t have to worry about having sweaty feet,
    Cos they are so awesome they can adapt to the heat.

    So come on Bikemagic,
    What do you say,
    Make my day please
    And send these surface socks my way?


  11. martyn kelly

    I deserve to win these socks ’cause my hairy feet aren’t warm enough!

  12. stu

    please let me win these socks, not only do they look amazing, but all my socks have holes in because my steel toe cap boots rub holes in them :( I have sewn them up beyond repair so give me some socks as I’m in despair.

    I’ve got a one year old lad and his nappies are more important than new socks for me. I would love to say i can wait for Christmas but I have never been given socks.

  13. Demonix

    Xmas came early with news that a new addition to the Demonix family is on the way…

    The prospect of spending more time with the family is enough to make any man throw on his cycling kit!!

    Winning the socks will mean mean fresh warm feet whilst trying to regain some peace, quiet and retain ones sanity!!

  14. Steve Smith

    When is the winner for this one going to be announced then….?


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