Welcome to the new Bikemagic.com

Welcome to the new look Bikemagic.com.

OK, on first glance it might not seem that much has changed, but we’ve worked hard behind the scenes to move your favourite mountain bike site onto a faster platform which will also allow for better functionality.

We’re hoping we’ve smoothed over most of the wrinkles and ironed out all the creases, but it’s entirely possible we might have missed one or two. So please bear with us during the next few hours as we work to get the site running smoothly.

The Forum

One area of the new site that isn’t quite ready yet is the forum and commenting on articles, but we hope to have these areas up and running very soon. However you can let us know what you think of the new site, or highlight any issues on our Facebook page, through Twitter or old-fashioned email by pinging us at editor@bikemagic.com .

We’d like to know what you think too. We feel it’s a big improvement and a positive step forward, but your feedback is important to us.

David Arthur – Editor

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