TransPortugal Day Seven

Bikes ready for another day of action


Distance: 107km

Elevation gain: 1269m

With average speeds of over 30km per hour, the winners powered through this stage in a very short time. Most of the riding was done on dirt track that was well packed, undulating and quite easy to keep the momentum going. The wind also played its part in making this a quick stage, although sometimes it was side on and occasionally head on – completely killing any speed.

Even though today was classified as ‘easy’, I had a tough ride. My legs didn’t have much strength from the start and I have run out of my own riding supplement (drink), so I bought a local brand that isn’t as effective – in my opinion. I was lucky to start the day riding with Nick, a South African who appeared to have enough strength to help me through the stage. About halfway another small pack of three riders noticed we were behind them and slowed down so that we could all work together. This helped in getting us home in less than four hours.

Day eight is another big day on the saddle, so I am about to start the bartering process of swopping energy bars for sports drink supplement – where is my local store when I need it? Two more days to go – we are now in Albernoa and tomorrow make our way to Monchique.


  • 1st:  Milan Spolc (CZE) 3:32:07
  • 2nd: Luis Leao Pinto (POR) 3:32:11
  • 3rd: Greg Anderson (RSA) 3:35:20


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