Kielder 100 and 24 Hour Solo entry at Cycle Show

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Montane Kielder
2011 Kielder 100 entry is now available at the Cycle Show

If you head to the Cycle Show at London’s Earls Court, which begins today and continues until Sunday (and you really should because there’s loads of cool stuff to see) you’ll be able to exclusively enter both the Kielder 100 enduro and 24 Hour Solo Championship events next year as the organisers officially launch the 2011 events.

We’re not suggesting that you enter both, but really we are. Go on, what are you waiting for.

You need to head to stand B6, where you’ll also be able to see a photo gallery of some of Joolze Dymond’s favourite photos from the year.

All the info you need about the Cycle Show can be found on the website


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