Fully Sussed XC series goes to Woodbury Common for first round

The first round of the Fully Sussed XC race series heads to Woodbury Common, Devon on Sunday 4 March.

An all-weather venue, the well-draining pebble beds make for a lively under tyre experience where our principle of continually changing courses has seen the organisers scouring the woods looking for increasingly interesting ways to challenge riders.

So what can you expect? A lot of riding crammed into a small area, say the organisers. Similar start to last year, but there the similarity ends. They’re using plantation fire roads, loads of new singletrack, some magnificent man-made downhill sections and some downright dirty, nasty, rooty drops. Look out for the ‘Nod Off’ in particular.

Totnes’ Hot Pursuit Cycles will be on hand to assist the unfortunate, with St. Johns helping the even more unfortunate. Sponsors, Shred, Fat Spanner, Specialized and will be sponsoring the series.

All senior categories will kick off at 10-00, apart from the Grand Vets who will inevitably be gossiping at the back, not hear the instructions and miss their start time. Specialized are heavily involved with this year’s series and are supplying all the women’s prizes for the year as well as providing some Fate Comp 29er demo bikes for the events.

We also have a special women’s prize each round provided by Fine Fettle – jewellery made from recycled bike bits. This will be for an outstanding performance on the day, and will again be judged by the Fine Fettle crew.

There will be entries available on the day, and £1-00 of the on-the-day entry fee will be going to Ryley Morris’ fundraising campaign. Full event details are available on

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