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Eurobike 2013: Product Hot or Not Part 2

Eurobike 2013: Product Hot or Not Part 2

We’re having a merry old time out here at Eurobike and have managed to take some time out from the excessive caffeine consumption, endless wheel size conversations and battle through the endless rows of e-bikes to bring you a second round of Product Hot or Not – Eurobike’s freshest and fruitiest revelations for 2014, this time all shots brought to you by Mr Clive Forth… Enjoy.




Ritchey original


Ritchey classic


Multi ride

Polygon DH bike

Polygon DH

  1. serge the seal of death

    I know its not cool when a bike company does things with a car company, but i still think rotwilds are super nice.

  2. Motivated

    twat (+watt) ‘mind your sport nutrition’ – that’s priceless! I’m in!

  3. Woody

    Those KILO forks look like a beefed up version of the AMP forks from the late 90’s! Lets hope they are made a bit stronger…..


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