Claire finds it hot going in the Absa Cape Epic

Claire has just sent back this report from the Absa Cape Epic as she gets to grips with the stage race.

Things about my Stage 2 at theAbsa Cape Epic blog

1. Today I spent the day riding with actress Vanessa Haywood who was in the film District 9 – she looked lovely even after 120km. We beat her.

2. Alain Prost was on the massage bed next to me and said he’s having a good time but his back was sore.

3. Yesterday we hit highs of 44degrees C but today much more bearable in 29 degrees.

4. Flatter stage with three stinging climbs in final 10k saw be dangling off Collyn’s wheel and she dragged me to the finish.

5. They serve mini potatoes coated in salt and I might have eaten too many at feed zone three.

6. There is a pair riding a Bianchi tendem MTB…

7. We saw 2 guys riding / walking their single speeds up a smaller climb. I can’t comprehend riding the Epic on a SS.

8. I consumed 5 litres today over 125k and we managed it in 6hr 50mins. We are now 15th.

9. My tummy contains 50% sugary gel and potatoes and 50% dust.

10. 29ers were king on today’s stage and 75% of the bikes in the race are 29ers.

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