Another 24 hours from SIMBA

It’s official, 24 hour racing is the new black. Or something. It’s undeniably hugely popular though, and as if further proof were needed there’s another event in the pipeline.

Top race organisers SIMBA are close to finalising details for their very own Nutcracker 24 hour race. The important bits are sorted, with the venue being Dalby Forest near Pickering and the date being 23/24 August. The course is described as “mint”, sponsorship is on board from Raw Experience (lubes and lighting) and timing will be by HS Sports.

SIMBA are planning to accommodate 100 teams and 40 people with no frie… er, solo riders. Final entry details and fees will be available as soon as they’ve finished doing the sums. In the meantime, seekers after event truth may visit the on-line SIMBA oracle at

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