Got fork problems?

Rock Shox, Marzocchi, Manitou and Englund cartridges are all covered at AngryAsian.com

Got trouble with your suspension fork? Then you’ve got to drop along to AngryAsian.com and see if he can help you…

Great site design, helpful instructions, this is a quality site the like of which we haven’t seen for a while.

There’s a nice quote on there, which we particularly liked, explaining how Murphys Law doesn’t HAVE to apply to suspension…

“Now there are plenty of mechanics out there to help you with virtually everything that ails your bike. Suspension tuning, however, seems to have been lumped in with wheel building into the “black art” category. That’s why I’m here. A lot of the content of this site deals with some fairly basic maintenance and tuning issues, but the advanced tuning sections are what make this site special. There’s where you’ll find all the things that “the man” won’t tell you: the stuff that doesn’t officially exist but is out there, the things that aren’t supposed to work but do, the little tweaks and mods that don’t come in a neat little plastic bag and header card. After all, suspension is a great thing, but ONLY if it’s tuned properly. Otherwise, you may as well use a rigid fork.

So read on, turn the volume up a tick or two, and give Murphy a good swift kick in the head. He’s a little bastard, anyway.”

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