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Now the nights are actually drawing in noticeably
faster, many people are turning their attention towards lighting systems which allow
them to ride longer.


Though there are a stack of light sets on the market,
it’s possible to build up your own bike-light kit from readily available parts, saving
a stack of cash. Several sites and mailing lists are around to help you do this.



Cyber Cyclery run a mailing list, exclusively about bike
lighting, located at
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FACE=”Arial”>. It also covers info on cycle computers and other wierd, wired gadgets.
SIZE=”2″ FACE=”Arial”> regular Myra Van Inwengen has an excellent set of articles
on her homepage, located at target=”_blank”><FONT
SIZE=”2″ FACE=”Arial”>, and particularly these articles
How to make your own high-powered lightset (Technical)
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How to make your own high-powered lightset (Easier)

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Then there are a couple of manufacturer sites for looking
at batterys. High capacity, hi-tech Nickel-metal-hydride batteries are available
mail order
FACE=”Arial”> Lighter
but more expensive than regular Ni-Cads, NiMh batteries are what the new and funky
mobile phones use to give week-long standby times.

Chargers and Ni-cad batteries plus other stuff are available
on line at
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we had trouble with their secure server connection.

A bloke called “Fat Hippy” has a website in
Australia with lights on it, amongst other things. Check it out at

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BIKEmagic member Neil Hardiman writes

“I use a Mag Light for lights you can buy a special aluminum mount and the Mag
Light has a wide beam and spot so you don’t need two The whole set-up costs about




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