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Cortina Cycles are made in Santa Barbara,
USA. They are an American company run by a Mexican family. They’re probably not aware
of their name associations with late ’70′s Ford cars. Regardless, the latest project
we’ve seen is
SIZE=”4″ FACE=”Arial”>this unique dedicated trials frameset
FACE=”Arial”>, which we stumbled across on US site target=”blank”> FACE=”Arial”>

Now we’re got some more details on the bike, from

“The bike is in its ‘beta3′ stage right now, but is very close to production.
We are thinking about changing the seat tube junction area with a better design.
The bike was at the Cortina booth at Interbike. I put it together the night before
and shipped it out. Therefor I havn’t ridden it yet or tested our design. We purposly
did not heat treat this frame so that I can test it. If somthing breaks, then we
know it’s a problem area and needs to be redesigned. This prototyping and testing
procedure has been fined tuned by me and other Cortina riders on devolpment of their
downhill bikes. The best thing about Cortina frames is that unlike GT they build
each frame to order. So if a design flaw is found the next frame out is redesigned
and is better.

The frame head tube aread is probably the strongest of any trials frames. This is
probably one of the strongest alum. trials frame on the market. Definatly stronger
than Monty. My bike with the steel bmx “landing gear fork” and a heavy
bmx front wheel weighs in at 22-23lbs. I still have to double check that figure on
another scale to make sure. I’m confident you can make this bike 20-21lbs and it
will be leaps ahead in strength than the Monty. I’m going to go pick it up this weekend
and will be riding it as much as I can. I will keep you updated on the status of
the frame. Right now pricing is set around $700 frame only in any color you want.”


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