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Pyga Industries OneTen29 first-look

Pyga Industries OneTen29 first-look

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Every bike that came from Patrick Morewood’s influence on the brand that he originally set up (that’ll be Morewood Bikes) was not only superb looking but also incredibly good to ride. He sold his company a couple of years back and is now developing a new range of bikes to suit his own tastes. 

The Pyga's been on a few night-rides already and is yet to be faced with any terrain beyond its abilities.
The Pyga’s been on a few night-rides already and is yet to be faced with any terrain beyond its abilities.

We have the OneTen29 here at Bike Magic Towers and having ridden it for a weekend already we can safely say that it ticks all the right boxes: it’s fun to ride, nimble, forgiving and fast. As Morewood himself puts it, it is “designed to cover challenging terrain and long distances efficiently, comfortably and masterfully”.

We like it a lot, on first impressions at least.

There will be a full test coming soon but for now check through our gallery. Maybe you’ll catch a glimpse of your future bike?

Verdict so far

We love it. As a UK trail bike we can really see this taking off. Agile, fun to ride and yet stable at speed, the Pyga OneTen29 gives an inspired ride. We’ll have to see how it fares long-term but so far, so good.

What Pyga say:

When miles of rolling trails lie ahead and you want to rip till your chest burns, but your heart smiles, this is your machine.

Price: £1749.00 (frame)
Available: Late Feb/early March 2013
More information: Pyga Industries OneTen29
Pyga UK:

All photos in this feature © Ben Winder.

  1. chris-m

    That’s a nice looking bike. Nice lines, good stand over and more than enough travel for the UK.
    I’m no engineer and I hope this won’t be the case, as it appears to be a really lovely bike (so I could easily be talking out of my ass), but I’m just hoping that the seat tower doesn’t create undue stress and causes it to crack. The gusset just seems a little small from what I can make out.
    With nice details such as the head badge, reasonable cable routing and the nice frame finish (to name but a few) it all seems top notch. I just hope R53 pushes the brand into good areas, so it gets some decent and genuine attention.

  2. R53 Sport

    Chris-m. You’re right you aren’t an engineer. 😉 The gusset is the length of the protruding seat tube and runs down to the top tube. This is not a stress point. :-)

    We are working really hard with dealers and the media to get the bikes out there and into the public eye. I genuinely love the way this bike rides and I hope it gets the attention it truly deserves. I’m glad you like the look of it.

  3. chris-m

    Phew. I thought the images made it look short (of what I could see). Thanks for the info!
    They do look super nice, and I too hope they get some great attention. Even their hardtail version looks to have the same level of detail. Nice.
    Good luck and all the best @R53 Sport. I’ll… erm… have the one in the photo for a test ride

  4. Jamazepam

    Looks good. Can’t wait for full review. My 29er list keeps growing!

  5. R53 Sport

    Haha Chris. This bike will be doing the rounds with all of the media outlets and indeed our dealers as they sign up.

    Get in touch with one and they’ll sort you out I’m sure……

  6. Mark

    How can PYGA justify a price-tag of £1750 for frame only!? They may not want to believe it but PYGA are competing with Giant and Spesh and Canyon. Nice bike but not a viable option for the majority.

  7. chris-m

    @Mark. That price is pretty normal for boutique brand. As you can see, it mentions ‘frame only’, so it’s competing with brands like Intense and Santa Cruz for example. Those brands also produce frame only options and fully built bikes that will never compete with outright value bikes such as Giant and Trek (the two biggest brands in the World!). So with a price of £1750 for its alloy frames, it may not seem cheap (I hate that word), but it is about average for what its pitching itself against, IMHO.
    P.S. Proof is in the pudding, and as I haven’t seen one, they may in fact be crap. However, knowing what Patrick Morewood’s history is with his previous brand, I think these should be the brand to watch – the “wolf in Sheep’s clothing”, so to speak. Well, we shall see.

  8. R53 Sport

    Hi Mark.

    We are competetively priced in the frame only market. Most of this type of bike are priced at £1600.00 and above up to well over £2000.00. The frame has features which you would not see on a mass produced bike such as a Canyon or Giant and it also rides better too, a bold claim I know but it has come up better than the Giant in tests twice now (not in this country yet though). You won’t get the machining work or attention to detail that you get from Pyga on any of the “big brands” bikes either.

    We will never be competitive against the big brands. That is not our aim. Pyga is a brand that has amazing attention to detail and is rider designed too. Maybe a Pyga is not for you if you are buying a bike by price but if you want a bike with soul that rides amazingly then Pyga IS for you.

  9. Frankers

    Great looking bike would love to have a test ride. R53 can you give more info about BB and headset, are they readily available?

    Also what is maximum fork travel recommended?

    1. R53 Sport

      BB and headset are readily available. The BB is a 52mm bearing direct into the frame and a 44mm semi-integrated top bearing. the 52mm bearing is the same bearing that comes in the 56mm semi-integrated headset.

      The BB is a Shimano press fit BB91 41A also referred to as BB92.

      Reccomended fork travel is between 110 and 130mm on the OneTen29 and 120 to 140mm on the OneTwenty650.

      Email us from the website if you have any more enquiries.



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