Nick Maher’s Nukeproof Mega AM Comp Test Bike - Introduction

Nick Maher is a mountain biker who lives in the French Alps and rides a heck of a lot more than you do. Not only does he ride bikes a lot, but he also enjoys a good old adventure into the high mountains around the area where he lives and further afield.

Nick Maher with his Nukeproof Mega AM Comp long term test bike. Not a happy bunny...
Nick Maher with his Nukeproof Mega AM Comp long term test bike. Not a happy bunny…
Photo by Andy Lloyd

Nick has recently taken hold of a Nukeproof Mega AM Comp, which he will be taking on a number of adventures over the summer and into autumn. Look out for Nick’s regular reports on where he’s been and how the bike has served him. By the sound of things it’s good on first impressions.

Nukeproof Mega AM Comp long term test

Words: Nick Maher

I feel a little sorry for my long-term test bike, a rather pretty Nukeproof Mega AM Comp.

When it came out of its box it was in front of some of the most cynical bike riders I’ve ever met (including myself I should add…), where every single one of its potential weaknesses was pointed out within seconds, bets were made on the first bits to break and it was bounced on skidded around and fork squished to the limits by all and sundry. It was then allocated to me.

Not really grumpy. Nick is incredibly happy to haul this bike up every mountain in his path on a quest to find adventure and test the bike to its limits. So far, so good.
Only joking. Nick is incredibly happy to haul this bike up every mountain in his path on a quest to find adventure and test the bike to its limits. So far, so good.
Photo by Andy Lloyd

While I fully maintain that I have a wonderfully smooth and calculated riding style, built on over twenty years of experience of all kinds of two wheeled devices and which is generally a joy to behold, I do somehow have a knack for ‘finding weak spots’ on a bike. Guaranteed if there’s one weak link in the component spec on a bike I’ll whack it into something, snap it almost immediately and whinge about it incessantly (sometimes for years…. never talk to me about 2008 Marzocchi 888s unless you‘ve got nothing in your diary for a while).

I live in Samoens in the northern French Alps, in the shadow of Mont Blanc and a stone’s throw from some of the best riding on the planet. Again, why I feel a bit sorry for the Mega, it’s going to get rinsed around here. I’ve only had the thing a few weeks and it’s already been to three countries, dangled off ladders, lifts, buses and cliffs and been subjected to literally tens of thousands of metres of climbing and descending.

Nick's style has a knack of 'finding weak spots in a bike.'
Nick’s style has a knack of ‘finding weak spots’ in a bike.

In all honesty this is the first time in a while I’ve had a ‘do it all’ bike. I tend to have kept a full-on DH rig and then something for spinning around on, normally from the nineties with ‘18-speed’ written all over it! So it will be interesting to see how the Nukeproof copes with everything I can throw at her around these parts. So far so good.

My other bike is a Nukeproof Scalp: A bike I bought as a stop-gap and never sold because of how much I liked riding it… However, the Scalp has only been out on the hill once since the Mega arrived, so far, so good Mr Nukeproof!

Bike: Nukeproof Mega AM Comp
Price: £2599.99
More information: Nukeproof website

The testing process

Stay tuned for my tales of bike testing woe (or success) as I adventure around the Alps on a summer of voyage. All the while I’ll be giving you the reader an insight into the performance of the bike the capabilities of its components package. If my first experience is anything to go by, we’re in for a good ride.

Next week I’ll be reporting on the Tour du Mont Blanc and I’ll give you a little more insight into the bike’s vitals – just a light bike ride to warm up with then.

  1. OliC

    Please be careful of all the walkers on the TMB! August is too busy really for bikes really, just respect others so there isn’t a Chamonix style bike ban

  2. Nick Maher

    Hi OliC, I am aware of the problems in chamonix and their relationship with bikers. Unfortunately we didn’t have a lot of room to manouver with dates so it was a bit now or never. That said, virtually everyone we encountered on the TMB was appreciative and respectful of what we were doing.

  3. Ben Williams

    Look forward to hearing your thoughts Nick.
    I’m about 9 weeks in to my ownership of the 2013 Mega AM Pro, and still smiling ear to ear – though I did have a period of a few days without my steed due to a rear triangle alignment issue – sorted almost instantly and without question by NP. Very impressed with both the bike and the company.

  4. Scott

    I also have the 2013 mega am custom build by myself so not stock. I’d like to hear your thoughts on the steering as I find mine to be very very twitchy . Thanks


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