Dan Atherton’s Race Bike…

Yesterday we had a look at Dan Atherton’s new GT Force, which he will be racing certain events in the 2013 calendar on, and now let’s have a look at his prototype custom race bike which he was seen on at the first Enduro World Series race.

Our friends over at Dirt caught up with Dan on a standard day at home in Wales:

We have it on good word that Dan will be racing the ‘stock’ GT Force at certain events, but this tailor-made bike will get the most action. He certainly sounds confident in the bike’s ability. Is it a shame that we won’t be seeing a production model? The reality is that most ‘everyday’ riders probably won’t be riding at the speed and in the fashion that Dan does, so the custom geometry won’t suit them and for that reason the custom race bike makes perfect sense to us.

What do you think? Let us know…

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