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2014’s Hottest 650B Mountain Bikes...

2014’s Hottest 650B Mountain Bikes...

Giant Trance X

With 650B gaining such momentum in the last two years, it was clear that the big manufacturers weren’t going to want to miss out. None come bigger than Giant, and for 2014 they’ve radically overhauled two key bikes in their range, the Trance X and Anthem X.

Giant Trance 650b
Giant Trance 650B

Interestingly, Giant are still offering 26in and 29in mountain bikes for 2014, with big wheel versions of both the Trance and Anthem still remaining. That is likely to change in the future though. Anyway, the Trance X was, with 140mm of rear wheel travel, always a bike that should have worked perfectly for the UK mountain biker, but for one reason or another it’s never really clicked.

It looks like they’ve nailed the geometry on this redesigned bike though, with a slacker 67-degree head angle compared to the previous bike. Adam Craig has been hammering a Trance X development bike in enduro races this year and been doing pretty well on it too.

Read more about Giant’s big change to 650B here

  1. Chris Kimberley

    no mention of the new Kona Process! seb kemp gave all 3 version a glowing review

    1. Chris Kimberley

      And Al Stock just won the latest UKGE round on a a 153 process

      1. James McKnight

        I’m off to test out the new Process next week I have a feeling it might be on my own list along with a certain number out of a small country in the Pyrenees..

  2. Marcus Æthelstan Xedric Dyson

    Cube Stereo!

  3. serge the seal of death

    Rotwild R.E1 FS 650B

    1. serge the seal of death
  4. serge the seal of death

    Rotwild R.E1

  5. serge the seal of death

    Bloody computers! The X1 is nice to!

  6. Benjamín Irarrázaval

    Scott Genius LT????…..

  7. Slam Man

    Commencal Meta AM… sorted. simple, strong, no bull. it just works

  8. serge the seal of death

    Wonder when Orange will do a 650B

    1. Alex

      The 2014 orange 5 is 650B, looks amazing!

  9. chris.m

    For the first time in many years, a GT I actually like. The best design yet IMHO!
    The Pivot looks very busy and cluttered around the main pivot area and isn’t the nicest looking bike they’ve done. Hopefully it’ll ride better than it looks.
    I’ve always loved the way Giant’s ride. They soak up the bumps really well and their build quality is fantastic, but their sizing, for me, is well off. Hard to deny their value though. Lets just hope their graphics aren’t too much.
    Trek can be a bit hit and miss. They make lovely looking bikes, but have suffered a little with their suspension, i.e. DRCV. Some love it, others hate it. I’m personally not a fan, as new shocks are more controlled and I don’t see the need for their extra volume. If controlled, they ride well though.
    I am a big fan of Santa Cruz. They make bikes that are truly lust-worthy. They are a little bit busy with cabling and their front centre length could be a bit longer, but they have an amazing feel on the trail, with a really sure footed feel and great amount if grip. Not a value brand so to speak, but what boutique bike is?!
    I just hope that 2014 whittles down the wheel size “debate” and people can just choose a bike based not on wheel size, but what bike they “need”. With manufacturers using 29″ for hardtails and shorter travel bikes and others using 27.5″ for bigger travel (with the odd few exceptions), it should create some harmony… eventually!
    A nice bike, is a nice bike, regardless of wheel size. I think the fact that manufacturers are having to think outside the box is making them come up with some good solutions. I’m looking forward to seeing more 2014 models!

  10. Chris Kimberley

    what happened with the process review?

    too late ive ordered one!

    1. James McKnight
  11. pete gson

    Yeah that photo isnt even the force.. nice work ;)

  12. Felecia Job

    Just rode the Kona Process 153 for 3 days in Moab, It is a very agile bike, able to take on anything in its way. Manualing is very easy. The bike is quick, very easy to flick, and climbs petty well to boot. It is the current favorite of many of bike professional in Moab this year. Pretty amazing for a bike which can be purchased for $2500.

  13. Robert Kukenberg

    My vote goes or the Force, but on your piscture, there is Sensor. May the force be with you!

  14. Matt Anderson

    No mention of the Norco Range? Carbon is here for 2014.


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