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2013 Lapierre X-Flow 712 quick-look

2013 Lapierre X-Flow 712 quick-look

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We can’t wait to get this bike out on the trails. The revised X-Flow 712 looks, quite simply, superb, and promises to ride just as well thanks to technology developed in conjunction with the brand’s team of super-fast young downhill racers and Nicolas Vouilloz (ten times World Champion in case you’d forgotten) who has a major and instrumental part in the company’s entire range of bikes.

Notable changes from 2012 include a longer front-center, slightly slacker head-angle (to 67.5degrees) and the fork travel is increased to 130mm from 120mm.

For now, here’s a quick glance over the bike. This one is in fact UK distributor Hotlines’ Martin Astley’s personal steed (hence several small component changes – tyres, bar/stem and dropper post), but we’ve got one of our own to test out so keep your eyes peeled for a full write-up very soon.

According to Martin Astley, it’s a Nicolas Vouilloz design and therefore “the suspension is unreal”. Vouilloz is famed for his tinkering and attention to detail where suspension is concerned so you can bet that he aint lying. The spec list is drool-worthy with such highlights as: XTR crankset, Kashima coated fork and shock, Mavic Crosstrail wheels and XTR Shadow rear mech.

The kit-list probably ought to be high-end stuff though as the retail price is set at £4, 299.99.

Spec list for the 2013 Lapierre X-Flow 712

You can find more information about the X-Flow 712 at:

If you like the look of it, come back soon! for the full review.

All photos © Andy Lloyd.

  1. serge the seal of death

    how is the fork doing, after the review of the cannondale seemed to say that the fox 32 was a bit rubbish.

  2. Martin Astley

    Forks are holding up great so far. Not sure if it’s the kashima or bushes but they are silky smooth. I’ve taken the bar mounted CTD lever off and added a bit of a bodge using a piece of gear cable in the adjuster on top of the fork leg to keepo them in trail mode all the time.

  3. James McKnight

    Serge, I think that John’s issue with the forks on the Cannondale was that they were under-gunned for the bike, in quite a big way judging by his reaction!

    This sort of bike (120 – 140 travel) is where they belong.

  4. serge the seal of death

    but same fork on the carbon model
    “The Fox 32 Talas RLC FIT fork, complete with 110/150mm of adjustable travel and Kashima coated stanchions, is one of the best forks in this category we’ve ever ridden. It’s our favourite fork right now. For the UK trail riding we do, the fork is a perfect match to the frame, the Talas adjustment is useful on longer slogs and it’s plenty stiff enough until you really get demanding. It is perhaps a shame that Cannondale don’t offer a Fox 36 fork option, or upgrade, for those riders who will rightly want to exploit the bikes potential for big riding that such a fork would allow.” Dave Arthur

    Maybe an option to start running reviews of forks which come on the bikes, and other components, good points and limits.

    1. James McKnight

      That’s on the older models, Cannondale have upgraded to 34/36 on the ‘posher’ models now:

      32 is a good fork used for the right application.

  5. Steve

    Looks nice, and noticably entering the realm of a resurgence in the rail category, with SC, Nukeproof, Genesis and others all relaesing 120mm approx “Trail” bike. But £4k? Wow. Will there be a realistically equipped bike or the masses around he £2k price point? And I don’t mean a Deore shod clunker….

  6. serge the seal of death

    down grade the gears to SLX and the finishing kit would get the price down, but how low do they want to go for a carbon frame? i guess most of the cost is in the frame. fork and rear shock, which realistically make over 2.5K alone.

  7. Martin Astley

    Guys, there is a full range of X-Flow bikes starting at £1799.99 for the XT/SLX equipped X-Flow 312. Check the spec on the 412 for just £2199.99!

    1. Mulls1000

      Really keen to hearing how this rides and your overall thoughts – like the look of (considering the x-flow or specialized camber / epic) but would have to wait to the end of the year to see if there are any decent offers (can’t afford at over 4k). Notice you can pick up the 2012 model now for under 3k but understand there are some marked improvements in the 2013 model worth holding out for – will keep my eyes out for a full review!


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