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What’s your favourite cake?

What’s your favourite cake?

It’s a well known fact, mountain bikers are fuelled by cake.

Visit any cake shop or bakery within riding distant of a popular trail centre or riding spot, and there’ll be mountain bikes stacked up outside, while cyclists huddle inside devouring huge slabs of coffee, all washed down with tea and coffee.

And as National Baking Week is now upon us (October 17-23) we thought we would do our little bit to celebrate the many varieties of delicious cake that are out there.

Cakes are a staple diet of most mountain bikers, and a great mid-ride snack. They pack a huge whallop of carbohydrates and sugar to keep you fuelled for any ride from a blast around the woods to an all-day epic across the hills.

But what’s your favourite cake? Which is the cake you reach for when presented with a choice at your favourite cake or tea shop mid-ride?

Let’s hear what your fave cake is in the comments box below (which does work now!)


  1. David Arthur

    I’ll get the ball rolling. For me it has to be banana cake during a ride, but it does depend on the choice available wherever it is I decide to stop. Carrot cake is always a good option too

  2. Renners

    Double chocolate gateau and/or Victoria Sponge, ideally at the same time.

  3. richard hallett 3

    My wife’s Gateau Basque… when i can persuade her to bake it. Failing that, her blueberry Bakewell tart or Welsh cakes

  4. Techboy

    I second banana cake – it’s easy to carry on rides. Here’s my recipe

    1. georgescott

      Another shout for banana. If not, ginger cake all the way.

  5. Anna Joyce

    If you’re talking free cakes and mountain biking – think Tonyas Challenge. 27th May 2012. Those ladies cook fantastic cakes and no one goes home hungry.
    You can see the proof on the website under the CAKE icon!

  6. Rob Elliott 4

    A nice big slab of Flapjack – moist and not too cruchy! But it has to be a BIG slab!


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