Relics from the shed

Ready for the snow

As sub-zero temperatures embrace the country with constant severe weather warnings and widespread snowfall, many people resort to extreme measures to make the commute into work.

And here’s a good example. It was ridden into the office today by roadcyclinguk.com editor Richard Hallett. It’s a classic dating way back to 1997, and is a bike that doesn’t see much use around the year apart from when cycling a road bike would just be too dangerous on treacherous roads.

The frame was made by Greg Fuquay, a legendary frame builder from the 90s, and features a steel frame with a rigid fork and 1996 Shimano XTR eight speed groupset. On the wheels are shod a pair of Continental Explorer Supersonics tyres, ideal for cutting through the city slush.

Have you been driven to extract an old bike out of the shed? If so let us know in the Talkback box below.

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