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How many bikes do you own?

How many bikes do you own?

“How many bikes do you own?” It’s a common question that will crop up in any conversation between cyclists.

But what is the average number of bikes owned by the readers of Bikemagic? We put it to the 1,128 members of the Bikemagic Facebook page and following a positive response, it seems the average number of bikes owned is two.

That’s very closely followed by three, with many admitting to owning a combination of hardtails and full suspension bikes with many also hiding a road bicycle in their collection. A large number also counted four and five bikes in their sheds.

How many bikes do you own? The poll is still active here so you’re your say here.

  1. Andy Horton



  2. Steve

    4 working ones and 3 in bits in the attic

  3. pat couser

    depends who you ask: my wife would say too many, I would say not enough

  4. Dave

    Two. One road bike and one 26″ wheeled rigid Claud Butler Hack Bike

  5. Brian McIlvenna

    Two bikes. A Colnago Master Olympic and a Dawes Super Galaxy Super Tourist, which I use as my commuting machine. Another is being built for my partner.

  6. dave clarkson

    Currently running 6 bikes from MTB (scott), turbo bike (Fondriest), winter commuter (Ambrosio), TT bike (Planet X), summer carbon training bike(Argon 18) to carbon race bike(Trek).

  7. Susan

    Well, own 8, which are shared between partner,kids and myself.
    It’s handy, when everyone is here,there’s generally still a bike spare in case of a breakdown of another.

  8. Nick

    Better than when i had 8 about 2 years ago!

  9. Pete Nightingale

    Commuter Dawes Audax Supreme
    Fixie Antique Dawes frame 27″
    Vintage racer Raleigh TI Pro
    Hack MTB Gary Fisher Carbon + XT
    Event MTB Kona Hei Hei
    Lending Bike Ancient Peugeot

    Plus “The MTB built from parts from which I had upgraded” given away

  10. Rich L

    3 bikes

    1 x half decent Giant road bike
    1 x 8 yr old steel road bike
    1 x 10 yr old mountain bike

  11. Graham Brodie

    Eeeerrr, – 18 plus a tandem.
    4 of them fixies, the oldest a 1955 Westland.

  12. Graham

    I own three bikes a Giant Mountain bike an alloy winter road bike and a full carbon road bike ( oh such a nice bike )

  13. Stuart

    6, a fully susser Stumpy,a 2011 Rocker Hopper Pro hard tail (can see why this won MBR’s Hard Tail of the yea)r, an On One winter bike with an Alfine hub, a Kona Cinder Cone (work bike) , a Spesh Allez triple road bike and a retro looking single speed ( I know the bloke who builds ’em).


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