Getting out there and making the most of it

It hasn’t been the best summer on record. But now, as we begin the slow and depressing transition into winter, the nights already drawing in and the clocks soon set to change, we’ve been treated to a final blast of nice weather.

With the long days of summer and endless endurance events and epic romps in the countryside a fading memory, and with little planned at the moment, it’s time to making the most of the good condition the trails are in. Time to get out and ride just for the sake of riding. No goals, aims, just enjoying the thrill of carving your bike through the woods.

The evenings are still light enough for a quick blast after work, the temperature still pleasant enough for just a few extra layers over the usual summer clothing. The trails have been dry of late, an occasional flick of dust as we ride sun dappled singletrack, the sun setting beautifully over the tree-lined horizon, breathing its long final breath of warm weather on us.

Now really is the time of year for just getting out there and making the most of it. Soon all this will be wet and muddy, trails we once knew every contour and ripple of will become unrecognisable. Lights will be necessary, permanently fitted to the bike for the next five months.

So do as we’re doing, and dropping everything, grabbing the bike and hitting the trails whenever the weather is good. Right now as I write this, there’s a brilliant blue sky on the other side of the office window, so I’m hurriedly making plans for an evening excursion. Because soon it won’t be so inviting out there.

Are you making the most of the nice weather? Tell us about it


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