Dusty trails

Dusty trails (along with ribbons of singletrack) are the holy grail of mountain biking. Dusty trails are quick, traction is reliably consistent. Tyres roll fast on the hard packed surface, buzzing along without the drudgery of winter’s mud to hamper the pace.

The dust shows its presence, sticking to every surface of the bike: coating the forks, the tyres discoloured and the oily marks around the moving suspension components the only areas free from dust. It coats the face, clinging to the sweat trickling off the forehead and stinging the eyes with its salty content. There’s nothing better than finishing a ride caked in dust.

Dusty trails are what we all looking forward to riding. And with the present weather, it looks like we’re all going to be treated to some dusty trails very soon. So let’s get out there and enjoy these fabulous conditions.

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