Polaris AM 1000 Repel Trousers review

Polaris AM 1000 Repel Trousers
Words: Carsick John

On the bike the Polaris AM 1000 Repel's are plenty loose and flexible enough.
On the bike the Polaris AM 1000 Repel’s are plenty loose and flexible enough.

In cycling terms, the long winter trouser marks the passage of time, from boy to man. It’s the moment we turn our backs on the exuberance of youthful shorts and accept we are the ‘older’ gentleman cyclist who feels the cold and doesn’t like getting wet anymore.

The Polaris AM 1000 Repel trouser is a waterproof coated cycling garment designed to help us with this transition into mid life. They’re competitively priced at £59.99 leaving more than enough change for a few packets of Werthers Originals.

Up-close. The DWR coating should keep off all the rain and puddle water (and snowmelt) that you can possibly throw at it.
Up-close. The DWR coating should keep off all the rain and puddle water (and snowmelt) that you can possibly throw at it.

Visually they feature the right mix of tonal crotch and knee panels to make them look ‘outdoor’, with enough splashes of colour here and there to convince us that they’re also ‘sporting’.

Technically all boxes are ticked with Velcro waistband adjusters, adjustable Velcro ankles, ample pockets and an internal zipper pocket. The material is 100% Nylon; it’s tough, yet light and constructed to a very high standard in China.

Sizing. The Polaris online sizing guide says that the med is 31” and Large 34”, now if I was ordering online I would go for a medium, but the cut and feel of the large I tested was spot on for a 32” waist.

Initially, they seemed a bit baggy and my fear was they would be too loose on the bike, snagging and getting involved with pedaling, but they weren’t at all, in fact quite the opposite. They’re extremely comfortable, ride well and offer great protection against the elements. The fit compared to other cycling trousers is looser and less manipulated and this makes for a pleasant change – it’s part of their appeal.

After a couple of rides these are now my go-to forty-somethings’ winter garment.

Available is sizes small to XXL and in two subtle variants; black/charcoal with neon yellow zippy bits and black/charcoal with bright blue zippy bits.

Competitively priced
Good fit
Tough and well made

Brightly coloured trims

Price: £59.99
More info: www.polaris-apparel.co.uk

  1. serge the seal of death

    they look spot on.

  2. Johnny79


  3. Rui

    Are this trousers suitable for warmer days? I like to protect my legs against plants and rocks, so I don´t like shorts very much… Are these good for spring and fall?

    1. Marcus Dyson

      I’d say these are best suited to spring and fall days. For the depths of winter – they are not very insulated, and I found myself putting a pair of IceBreaker merino leggings under them. On very hot days, they may be a little too warm. But in spring, and fall they are perfect.

  4. Anatoly

    Hi! I want to buy these pants. But I do not know what size to order. You can make detailed measurements of pants in inches? I’m skinny. Well if they would ride at up to 20 degrees Celsius? Thank you!

    1. Anatoly

      But I do not know what size to order, M or L.

      1. Peter

        Erm, the measumenrs in the article are in inches:
        M = 31″ waist 31.5″ leg
        L = 34″ Waist

        If you look at the polaris website you might be able to get a size guide there

  5. Ross

    did you wear anything underneath these trousers? recently got a pair and they feel just like a pair of overtrousers rather than normaly cycling ones


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