Gaerne release new top-end shoe

Gaerne’s new Carbon G.Keira_Plus shoe
Heel Grip to combat heel lift

Italian shoe manufacturer Gaerne revealed for the first time its new Carbon G.Keira_Plus shoes at the Eurobike show recently.

The new top-end shoe has been given a raft of updates from the existing range-topping G.Wallaby Plus, so while it looks similar there’s actually a lot of revisions that contribute a better performing product.

Most of the changes centre on improving the ergonomics and fit. The ratchet, a “2d micro adjustable aluminium buckle” is claimed to provide an even more secure fit and increased adjustability. There’s two independent levers working against the indented buckled strap for customised tension and release.

Effort too has been taking to reduce heel lift, a problem common with many shoes. Gaerne combat it with an improved Heel Grip Plus, an anti-slip insert at the back of the shoe that, along with a new injection moulded plastic heel cup should go some way to reducing the chance of your heel lifting during energetic pedaling.

The carbon fibre sole has been improved too, with a new and better tread that is “highly resistant to abrasion and wear” and should offer better grip during those moments when you really need to get off and hike-a-bike.

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