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Endura Singletrack II shorts review

Endura Singletrack II shorts review

Endura’s £45 Singletrack II baggy shorts are the Scottish clothing maker’s go-to high-end shorts for mountain bikers who want bombproof and feature-packed shorts.

Endura’s top line Singletrack short is a modern classic

For starters, they’re durable, thanks to construction in hard-wearing Cordura fabric. Given our decidedly unpredictable weather, the water-repellent finish makes them ideal as year-round shorts.

Zips on the legs open to reveal mesh liners when it gets a bit hot; two d-ring Velcro waist adjusters offer stacks of fit adjustment and all seams are double and triple stitched.

You get four pockets: two around the back with Velcro closures; and two front pockets with neat magnets to keep them closed and stop their contents escaping. Inside the waist are Clickfast poppers so you can easily clip in a padded short like Endura’s £30 ClickFast 8-Panel liner short. The legs have waist adjustment.

Stacks of fit adjustment

Fit is excellent, the cut is great and they’re comfortable on the bike, among the comfiest I’ve ridden in a long time. The fabric is tough yet it’s light enough to not hinder pedalling on longer rides, and they brush down well after a crash.

They’re built to last, and their £45 price tag makes them bloody good value for money.

I take a 32in trouser and the size medium I tested fitted me well. Five sizes from S to XXL are available, along with three colours.


Simply the best trail-riding baggy shorts I’ve yet found. There’s a reason why I’m always hitting the trails in them, there isn’t much else that comes close to perfection like these do. If you only buy one pair of baggy shorts, make sure it’s the Singletrack IIs.

Price: £45

More information from Endura and you can find them on Facebook

  1. Liam Kane

    I have an pair that are 3 years old and are still going strong although faded. They are comfortable and hard wearing.

    I use them all year, in winter over tights etc.

    Not sure about the magnetic closures, though but think I will buy a new pair

  2. Paul

    Contrary to this glowing review… probably the worst short I have tried!

    Search online and you’ll see that many people have had build quality issues with Endura equipment. Unfortunately the build quality has gone downhill in recent years.

    I’ve had mine for about 4 months now I think and the stitching has come away in a few places. I took a needle and thread to the affected areas as i’m confident that any replacement would have suffered a similar fate (such has been my experience with Endura). The popper waist buttons are a joke and come undone several times mid ride. The rear pockets seem pretty useless, no closure and the opening is slanted. The velcro on the sides doesn’t stick very well. Eh….think that’s it.

    I really want to like these shorts as I like the cut and styling but the build quality is poor and the design ill thought out (rear pockets and button closure). Must try harder Endura!!!


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