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Altura Attack 360 Jacket Review

Altura Attack 360 Jacket Review

With the weather well and truly closing in and winter taking hold of the country, it could be time to treat yourself to a new jacket. This Attack 360 from Altura is versatile and weather-proof enough to guard you from the worst of trail conditions and it could be just the ticket to tempt you out the door come rain or… more rain.

Altura Attack 360 jacket with two handy breast pockets.
Altura Attack 360 jacket with two handy breast pockets. Here, test chimp is satisfied with closing of zip.

When the Attack 360 dropped through the door of Bike Magic HQ there was an instant dispute – who would get to test such a thing of beauty. OK, that could be going a little far, but where practical jackets are concerned, this one is definitely up there in the looks department. It’s a smart number. Once things had settled down, it was time to get out on a mucky, cold and punishing ride to see how the jacket would fare.

First things first, getting out the door in poor conditions certainly becomes easier when you know that you’re protected from the elements by good kit, and the Attack 360 has a certain reassuring feel of quality. Pedal uphill though and the jacket’s warmth becomes evident. After a certain amount of sweating, some adjustment of layering may become necessary. Optional/zip-able venting is present on the sides, although could perhaps be a little more extensive. However, in the depths of winter that won’t be a major problem. Breathable, stretchy mid-sections on the arms help with keeping the temperature reasonable and to aid ease of movement.

The jacket is made from “waterproof, highly breathable and durable” (Altura) three-layer fabric, which in use did prove to be all of the above. I’ve ridden in the heaviest of downpours and not had a gripe about the jacket’s construction. As previously mentioned, it is quite a warm jacket but as far as blocking out the elements goes, this is up there with the best and having a sweat on when the temperature gauge is hitting rock bottom probably shouldn’t be something to complain about.

With those stretchy panels on the arms and a loose, but well fitted cut, the Attack is one of the least restrictive jackets that I have tested. It’s not cheap at £150, but then you pay for what you get, which in this case is a very good jacket.


There are two breast pockets, sealed by heavy-duty zips, which I found to be very handy. These are a good size for phones/wallets, useful for easy access or when heading out without a backpack. On the rear there is a further pocket. The cuffs have Velcro tighteners and elasticated interior with thumbholes, which aren’t removable. There’s also an interior media port on the left pocket, allowing for headphones to be routed neatly on the inside, if that’s your thing. The stretchy hood is minimal (i.e. won’t fit over a helmet) but effective and it zips-off easily.


A comfortable, cosy and good-looking barrier to the elements. Definitely does the job for cold/wet/grimy conditions.

Price: £149.99
Colours: Blue or Grey
More information: Altura Attack 360 jacket

  1. chris-m

    I bought an Altura Attack Jacket last year and I have to say, it is superb. (I even have their shorts!). The sizing is a bit on the large side and it is a warm jacket, but the ventilation zips helped regulate the warmth. I genuinely wear mine year round when it gets nasty.
    If the Attack 360 is expensive for some, the alternatives are the Mayhem Jacket (£100) which also has a hood, or if that’s still too much to justify, there is always the entry level Nevis (£55). They aren’t as breathable, or as waterproof, but they make a huge difference to comfort when riding.


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