Kryptonite and Crankfilms competition winners

The one and only Pink Lunchbox of Luck

We’ve been running a couple of competitions on the site in the last few weeks and the time has finally come to delve our sticky fingers into the pink lunchbox of luck (no, really) and pull the winners.

First up is the winner of the Kryptonite competition, soon to be the proud owner of a set of Kryptonite locking skewers and a New York 3000, Mike Beckley.

Take a look at what you’ve won, Mike.


Also up for grabs was a copy of Crankfilms UK Bikescene and this one will be in the post to Christian Hansen of East Yorkshire.


In a rare display of generosity we re-shook the pink lunchbox of luck yesterday and pulled a second Crank Films winner (ok, so we got the number wrong first time). This time the eye of fortune smiled upon NBT, and despite his recent code monkey grumblings we decided not to throw him back into soup.

Congratulations to the winners, the goodies will be sent off to you shortly. Everyone else, better luck next time.


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