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Competition: Win an Osprey 2012 calendar

Competition: Win an Osprey 2012 calendar

Yes it’s January, yes the weather’s grim but it’s also a new year, and we’ve got 12 months of non-stop mountain biking ahead of us. So cheer up, alright?

To celebrate the new year we’ve got 10 calendars from backpack manufacturer Osprey to give away. Each month features a great riding shot, including some Osprey-sponsored athletes like Tracy Moseley and Thomas Schmitt, plus plenty of space to pencil in events, races and group rides.

All you need to do to enter is tell us…

Q: What are you looking forward to most in the mountain bike world this year?

You can either post your answers in the comments box below or the forum thread here.

The closing date is Wednesday January 11 at 4pm. Winners will be announced shortly after.

  1. Matthew

    The full suspension bikes from Genesis

    1. Stephen Labuschagne

      I’m looking forward to reading my name on the winners list of Bike Magic’s website then marking off the days, on my new shiny calendar, to the next competition on Bike Magic.

  2. Dan Lees

    Looking forward to some Epic Self Supported Adventures in Wales this summer.

    Whilst wearing my Osprey pack obviously!

  3. Kyle

    Getting back into racing and trying out some new gravity enduros.

  4. Steve Smith

    Some sunshine!

  5. Tim Wiggins

    Looking forward to the dusty summer trails and ripping up some woods on the hard-tail.
    First year I will try full-suss riding as well, which is exciting.
    And of course watching the Olympic Mountain biking!! That should be epic! :-)

  6. Dick Barton

    Just riding my bike more…last year was a disaster in terms of biking and Iv’e gone backwards so this year is a year of rediscovery! (Or it better be as this biking malarky is costing me a small fortune for remaining stationary!)

  7. wobbem

    I should win a calendar because there are so far only 5 comments and there are 11 calendars and Tracy Moseley is rather nice.
    + Off to the Alps with the lads to a Trail addiction holiday , can’t wait.

  8. peter taylor

    A new job and a chance to get out more!!

  9. Timboid

    A titanium soft tail with light-weight, bottom-bracket mounted hub gears!

  10. Jas Young

    The world cup at fort william (watching obviously) and doing better in the tour de ben nevis (taking part). And doing 1 more race than 2012.

  11. max

    Getting to and riding in as many events as I possibly can, on my new bike, and a cycle ride/adventure, ending at the London Olympics :-)

  12. john dixon

    Treating myself to either a hardtail or full sus 29er. Decisions, decisions!

  13. m

    Buy my 1st Full Sus bike, pos a Transtion Bandit or Covert or if i can not rasie the funds for them see if i can find one of the last Pitchs still in the sale?

  14. Jack Reeve

    Experiencing some of Scotland’s sweet singletrack on a Biking holiday!

  15. Mark Wilson

    I am looking forward to doing more mountain biking, getting fitter, and subsequently quicker on my favourite singletrack. The faster I go the more adrenalin rush I get. I am also looking forward very much to the Olympic Mountain Biking event and trying the course out for myself at some point.

  16. Richard Gray

    Eating more cheese!

  17. Will

    Watching the Olympic mountain biking. I managed to get some tickets! The calendar will help me count down the days.

  18. steve arnell

    light summer evenings for riding

  19. Dave Dudman

    I’m looking forward to opening each calendar month and seeing what the new picture is !

  20. Darren Bland

    Tracking Single Speed Mike’s GPS as he goes for the round the round the world record! I’ve told him that all the cool kids do it in 80 days (and that’s only 225 miles a day)

  21. Andrew

    that buzz of meeting someone you don’t know on a trail, and that fun pitting your skills against them, followed by the obligatory chat at the end, as we’re friendly folk when all is said and done?!

    Oh, and the illicit purchases of bike goodies you have to sneak past your partner: “these tyres? No, had them ages darling, honest”

  22. Bob

    I am excited to get outside and explore some new trails.

  23. Paul Harrison

    Danny Hart dominating and the look on the competition’s faces as they start to ponder ‘Is it time to pack it all in?”

  24. GaryH

    A whole summer away yet but I’m looking forward to the Isle of Man End2End.

  25. Chris H

    Looking forward to dusty singletrack, riding through woods with the smell of pine, blue skies, long warm sunny days and barmy evenings. Sharing laughs and spills with my mates.

  26. Eric

    I’m looking forward to watching the best riders in the world competing in the Olympics this summer. The course may not be a traditional mtb course but it should be fast and fun to watch!

  27. Adam Bird

    Singlespeed Worlds 2012! Those nutty South Africans know how to put on a show & it’s going to be fun to be part of it… check out how the guys won the hosting rights

  28. Michael McCoy

    Riding the Great Divide Route in northern Montana and fishing for trout in the North Fork of the Flathead River and other tributary streams.

  29. Steve

    Getting back out on longer rides across country

  30. David Lloyd

    some multi-day natural XC rides and a proper visit to the 7 staines for the trail centre fix!

  31. rob kemp

    Getting out more and getting stoked on sum great trails

  32. Annaloa Hilmarsdottir

    Watching the World Cup and the Olympics cycling events.


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