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Competition: Win a MyTinySun Sport 900X front light worth £179.96

Competition: Win a MyTinySun Sport 900X front light worth £179.96

MyTinySun make some of the brightest lights in the business and we’re giving away one of their Sport 900X front lamps worth £179.96.

The light pumps out up to 1,000 Lumens, with a run time of close to 16 hours. The MyTinySun Sport 900X can be mounted to either your handlebars or helmet, while there are four power modes, with an emergency function once the battery reaches minimal residual level to ensure you get home. Take a look at the full spec here.

Sounds good, doesn’t it? Enter below to put your name in the hat.


  1. Tim Wiggins

    MagicShine make some fantastic lights – one of my riding buddies has one of their MJ-816 lights and it’s awesome. Just wish I could stretch the student budget to get a decent light too. #fingerscrossed

    1. Stewart Ridley

      1000 lumens: that’s brighter than Stephen Hawking!

  2. steve richardson

    Northumberland is Hawaii (astronomically)

  3. Chris Leonard

    I really want to attempt proper night mountain biking but my poor lights make it very dangerous

  4. Chris Leonard

    1,000 lumens

    I really want to attempt proper night mountain biking but my poor lights make it very dangerous

  5. Lee Tennant

    Up to 1000 lumens

    For such high output the run time seems really good. As I am on a low budget I ahve a deal exstream one. Amazing output but about half the runtime of this.

  6. Charles McNabb

    this is such a bright idea! hopefully i will see the light at the end of the tunnel finally!

  7. Timboid

    Upto 1000 lumens.
    Burn time is misleading – it’s 16 hours at 25% power, not at full 1000 lumen power! Still, 4 hours at max is not bad.

  8. Sophie Roberts

    Would really love to win one of these for my partner as its his birthday next wk and can’t afford to buy him anything due to new baby. He’s just started getting into mountain biking so this would be fab for him

  9. Ian Stewart

    Maybe I win one I’ll buy another and replace the headlights on my ageing Volvo!!

  10. Greg C

    Well I’d take a guess at 1000 lumens! Night rides Here I come! 😀

  11. Jonathan kirk

    1000 lumens!!!!!
    I guess I can stop eating as many carrots with this bad boy. Please let me win…. My poo’s turned orange :-)

  12. David MacDermott

    Up to 1000 Lumens. This would give me the confidence to get out in the dark mornings, hope I win!!

  13. George Kennedy

    I just bought a light & motion urban 500.
    So bright that on-coming cars are flashing at me.
    I’ve had to angle it more to the ground when on the road.
    Brilliant light for unlit roads.
    It’s only 500 lumens – what is 1000 going to be like ?
    Blinding ?

  14. Mart

    1000 lumens is good. Should be able to spot all the bogey men and monsters that chase me when on a night ride?

  15. Nobby

    Up to 1000 lumens – amazing output for such a small light.

  16. NW

    up to 1000 lumens!

  17. cat

    Finally I will be able to take night movies with my GoPro!

  18. Robin

    1000 lumens.
    If I win this then I might not step in the orange stuff from the carrot eaters!

  19. Frederico

    Up to 1000 lumens!
    let them say they didnt see me ouch!


    1000 lumens

  21. Ian

    Up to 1000 lumens

  22. Laurie

    1000 lumens

  23. richard

    1000 lumens

  24. douglas millard

    up to 1,000 lumens

  25. tim Price

    upto 1000 lumens.

  26. Graham Davidson

    Up to a 1000 lumens shine on!!

  27. Colin Pierce

    1000 lumen thingys.

  28. Peter Boyall

    Up to 1000 Lumens And brighter than a Magicshine

  29. Dan Hughes

    Up to 1000 Lumens. Perfect to get me around MM

  30. Arwel Hughes

    And God said let there be light – and this is it all 1000 lumens
    This Tiny light of mine I.m gona let it shine

    ever hopeful!

  31. Mark Sisson

    Up to 1,000 Lumens

  32. michael malpass

    Up to 1000 lumens !

  33. William Scott Forrest

    Up to 1000 lumens

  34. kirsten brown

    1000 LUMENS – WOWWWWWWW!!!

  35. Gary

    up to 1000 lumens

  36. Andrew Paul

    1000 Lumens!! Boom!!

  37. Simon Atherton

    Up to 1000 lumens

  38. Steve Anderson

    Up to 1000 lumens

  39. brandon

    i have beem mtb profesionaly for five years and would realy like something to light up my trails in colarado

  40. Pete Green

    1,000 lumens! I can keep my cool shades on at night too.

  41. Lawrence Cronk

    1000 lumens

  42. James Hampton

    brighter than a nebular bumping around in a tiny box, go mytinysun! 1000 Lumens!!

  43. Sonya Hooper

    1000 Lumens – will be good for spotting the possums on the dark roads of kiwi-land.


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