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Competition: Win a GoPro HD Hero helmet cam

Competition: Win a GoPro HD Hero helmet cam

We’ve teamed up with Dales Cycles to give you the chance to win a GoPro HD Hero helmet cam.

The HD Hero offers professional quality 1080p/960p/720p resolutions, recorded at 30 and 60 frames per second, meaning you can capture your ride in stunning high definition.

You can record up to 2.5 hours on a single charge, while a 32GB SD card can hold up to nine hours of footage, and the camera can also snap five megapixel photographs.

So how can you get your hands on this piece of kit? A superhero has been spotted wearing a GoPro to capture their adventures – but who is it?


  1. alex macdonald

    hopefully i win it as these cameras are awesome & i cant afford one :(

  2. giles brooks

    Gimmee, gimmee, gimmee

  3. Andrew Purdie

    Nice camera.

  4. Marco Menini

    Thanks for this chance, it’s my dream film myself running with my bike.

  5. David Rollo

    Me, appearing soon on you tube, if I win it, lol.

  6. Denis

    I’d love to win this because I bought a Specialized Allez Elite Road Bike Worth £99.99 from Dales Cycles. grate shop recommend this shop to everyone, fast cheep delivery too, has I liv in Liverpool. Many thanks lads “Shop soon”.

  7. Richard Hindmarch

    I’d really like to win this GO-Pro as the last one I bought I had fitted to my motorbike when a clown in a 4×4 overtook a cyclist without seeing me travelling towards him and took me, my bike and my camera out in one go.
    I’ve still not been paid out from my insurer so have to make do with mt Rockhopper bought from Dales Cycles!

  8. Stuart Wood

    God i’d loooooove this so much!

  9. Dick Barton

    I was out biking yesterday round Glentress and spotted a few riders with them…thought ‘Weird looking setup’ but then instantly got jealous as suspect it would be good fund filming the riding then trying to create a decent film out of it all…I’ve now decided that I want one!

  10. Narciso Bertholdi

    vai, vai, vai!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. steveo

    To all those thinking of getting one of these WICKED GoPro’s Don’t do what I did last year. Went mountain biking in Cyprus with my GoPro, didn’t have the optional screen so didn’t see any footage took until I returned to the UK. Guess what… nothing recorded due to a fake 32GB memory card.
    Make sure you have a quality genuine card in and test it prior to filming.
    Good Luck everyone

  12. Jamie

    Good Luck everybody!

  13. Nicola

    Is this my entry or did I just have to answer the tricky question?

  14. Anthony

    Got my name on it, will really enjoy using it to video all the time I fall of

  15. Dave

    awesome piece of kit… can’t to use it… lmao :-)

  16. Colin

    It would be a ‘dream’ prize.

  17. Richard

    like everyone else, I want the prize please???

  18. KurvZ

    I dream to win this

  19. Victoria

    My hubby got knocked out while mountain biking.He broke the camera too .How i would love to win it as a surprise for my hubby.

  20. Annaloa Hilmarsdottir

    ride to one side everyone, this one is mine !

  21. Bas van de Ven

    Nice, this flying dutchman certainly would like to have one of those magic camera’s!

  22. matt

    Does Semenuk count as Captin America?

  23. Eric Sharp

    It would be awesome to have the Go-pro camera up top of my fox flux recording all the awesome adventures I take my trek fuel ex 9 on, Oh yeah !!

  24. Leon

    Pretty please….would love a GoPro.

  25. Mick Chapman

    This would be great to record our bike clubs Easter visit to the Lakes. Great comp cheers all.

  26. Darren Cripps

    Very very nice indeed. It’s been on my lottery win list since it came out…..

  27. James lappin

    Would really like to try this out heading up and through the highlands of scotland………… Good luck everyone.

  28. James lappin

    Would really like to try this out heading up and through the highlands of scotland………… Good luck everyone.

  29. Connor

    I want one

  30. John Kelly

    Would that be Iron Man?!?!?

  31. Lee

    Id love to be in for this camera wud that be iron man sporting this helmet cam

  32. LoneGroover

    Would love to have one of these for recording this summer’s trip to the Alps. And that’s gotta be Iron Man

  33. António Ernesto Pinto

    … hummm… Iron Man! It would look better on my helmet :-)

  34. katherine wardle

    Answer is Iron Man!
    So desperate to own one of these – the pictures are incredible!

  35. Nick F

    Answer is Iron Man

    I only want to win so that I can say to Nobby on the BM forum that my HD Go pro is considerably newer than yowz….

  36. Richard Blair

    Iron Man

    1. Stewart Ridley

      Brandon Semenuk and today is my birthday.

      1. Stewart Ridley

        I was so excited about my birthday that I forgot to say “IRON MAN”

  37. mick elson

    ironman was blessed with a GoPro and i would like to be also…

  38. christopher whitehouse

    cant wait see who win let hope smile…

  39. Jamie Beswick

    Iron man

  40. Donncha Hanna


  41. Chris H

    Iron Man

  42. Christine Hamilton


  43. Philip Behrends

    The answer is IRON MAN!
    :) Thank you so much for the chance to win this awesome camera!!!

  44. Joe Brunskill


  45. Terry Moe

    G’day from Australa !! IRON MAN
    Since retiring to the Gold Coast, I have been a frequent
    viewer of the Coolangatta Gold ironman race held here each year.
    A GoPro Hero wuld be an valuable addition to my small camera collection – used mainly for surf based projects.

  46. Terry Moore

    Sorry my last entry contained name and email address errors due to internet difficulties…..same answer and comments apply.

  47. kirsten brown

    IRON MAN! Make me a winner!

  48. Robin

    Iron Man!

  49. Dan Frost

    Iron Man FTW!

  50. krog

    Iron Man

  51. Wendy Barbe

    Iron Man

  52. Simon C

    Answer – iron Man

  53. Ursula Bingham

    Answer – Iron Man
    great prize – looks fun.

  54. Dick Barton

    Any idea when the closing date for this is? I’m assuming I haven’t won but I always live in hope!!!

  55. Stuart McCarthy

    Iron Man!!

    Going to Wales in a few weeks and how I’d live to have this camera to film the entire trip mountain biking! Please!

  56. Simon Atherton

    Brandon Semenuk

  57. Patrick Howard

    Iron Man

  58. Gavin Esson

    Iron Man!

  59. David Allan

    Iron Man.

  60. Graham Davidson

    Iron Man

  61. Stephen Hardiman

    Iron Man


    brandon semenux can this also be used as a cat cam

  63. Nigel Osborne

    Iron Man

  64. Darren Reeves

    Brandon Semenuk

  65. Simon Atherton

    Iron Man

  66. Peter Wilson

    The correct answer is Iron Man

  67. Tim S

    Iron Man!

  68. Archie McGuire

    please let me win iv’e been looking over the internet but thre all to muck. PLease let me win!!!

  69. Archie McGuire

    please let me win iv’e been looking over the internet but there all to muck. Please let me win!!! answer: IRON MAN

  70. Jakub MInka

    Iron Man 😉

  71. Josh Harris

    Iron Man!


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