Bikemagic’s April King of the Hill Challenge – the winner is…

For the month of April we launched the King of the Hill Challenge, throwing down the gauntlet to see who could record the most climbing.

It made for some exciting reading as people logged and reported their rides throughout the month, some no doubt spurred on by the challenge of beating fellow readers. It’s a shame the weather wasn’t great as it no doubt impacted on the final outcome for some.

Here’s the top 11:

Tim – base phase 6282m
BHB: 5509m
Crowbar: 5135m
Dirty Karlos: 4716m
Dalesman: 3806m
David Arthur: 3714m
Stepahnos Wephanos: 3640m
Nobby: 3529m
Stan: 3250m
Serge Seal Of Death: 1844m (HONC)
TimmyA: 0m (3pints)

Congratulations to Tim on a staggering amount of riding, but also a nod of the head to everyone that took part in this challenge.

See how the challenge unfolded in this forum thread.

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