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£300 BM jersey giveaway!

£300 BM jersey giveaway!

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Clockwise from top: Richard Starkie; Richard No-Surname; Tim Beresford

Taking a photo is easy. Taking a great photo is very hard. But on more than a few occasions we’ve been mightily impressed with many of the photos submitted to the Bikemagic gallery and/or sent to us for the front page. And we’re sure that plenty more of you have it in you to come up with some corking shots.

There can be few better ways of boosting some motivation than with a photo that sums up all that is great about MTBing. Be it a long windy string of singletrack, weaving between the leafless autumnal trees, or a 10ft table top to wall-ride with a couple of sick moves thrown in for style points.

So we’d like to see more of your photographs. Handily, we’ve got the Bikemagic gallery poised and ready, eager to accept your works of art. It’s really easy to use, but here’s the User Guide if you need a hand.

And by way of encouragement, we’ve got ten Bikemagic jerseys to give to the best ten photos submitted between now and, let’s say, Monday 5 March. Who decides what’s best? Well, we do, with some help from top MTB lensperson Seb Rogers. He’ll be casting his expert eye over the submissions and helping us arrive at the top ten. He’s got some help for you, too – here’s three key things to remember: