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Matthew Currie Matthew Currie
Location: Edinburgh
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Hope Pro2 EVO's on Spank Oozy Rims 26"

Date Added: 14∙Mar∙2014

New Message about Hope Pro2 EVO's on Spank Oozy Rims 26"

Selling Details

Location: Edinburgh, GB

Condition: Used

Reason for Sale: Surplus to requirement

Postage: Will ship with Europe

Product Spec:

Brand: Hope, DT Swiss, Spank

Product description

For sale are my custom built Spank Oozy rims on Hope Pro 2 Evo hubs.

These are a set of 26" wheels which are being offered with WTB Vigilante and WTB Bronson Tubeless tyres included in the cost. I built these wheels to be strong and light and as such they come in at 1700g's for the pair with a 15mm front hub (can be converted to any standard) and a 142 x 12mm rear (again can be converted to any standard with the use of end caps). They've been build with black DT Swiss competitions spokes and black DT Swiss Pro Lock nipples.


- Hope Pro 2 Evo Hubs Black (15mm front. 142 x 12mm rear)
- Spank Oozy 26" rims black (with oobah technology)
- DT Swiss Competition Spokes Black
- DT Swiss Po-Lock Nipples Black
- WTB Vigilante TCS Tyres (x2)
- WTB Bronson TCS Tyres (spares x 2)

They've only had 6 months use and have been very well looked after. The Hope Pro 2 Evo's need no introduction, a truly reliable, strong hub that'll take a constant hammering and will be nice and easy to fix, that it should you ever need to.

The only thing to note is that there is currently a tube in the rear wheel as the tyre has a small hole I have not yet patched, but it easily fixed (plus you'll have 2 spare tyres included with only 5 rides on them).

If you have any questions or need any further photos just let me know.

Owner Review

In a word - excellent. These are strong AND light, and they look good to boot. The rims are brilliant, the Pro 2's need no introduction and the selection of tyres are incredible. for the money this is one sweet set of hoops!

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