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Bos Deville 160 tapered

Date Added: 25∙Mar∙2013

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Condition: New

Postage: worldwide

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Brand: Bos mtb suspension

Product description

Deville is the very first enduro fork produced by Bos. It has been developed with Nicolas Vouilloz in order to get a very accurate fork for tall the enduro riders. Deville is remarkable bty its dimensions : 34mm stanchions and 140, 160 or 170mm travel : a package that's brings a good balance between stiffness and reasonable weight. By the way Deville is one of the lightest 160mm forks available.But Deville, as a true Bos fork, also features a very good hydraulic system, based on an opened bath cartridge, fully adjustable.


Travel 140, 160, 170 mm
Stanchions : 34mm
Spring : air
Adjustments : Hi+low speed compression / rebound
Axle : 20mm + QR
Weight : 2080g

Please contact us for particular model prices.

Limited stock of 2013 models.

Best ever fork you can get!! Riders to Riders

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