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Iain Shiel Iain Shiel
Location: Scottish Borders
Member since February 2013


2 Stage Elite 9 #RARE downhill bike#

Date Added: 05∙Mar∙2013

New Message about 2 Stage Elite 9 #RARE downhill bike#

Selling Details

Condition: Used

Reason for Sale: New road bike, simply don't get the time to ride it!

Postage: Collect only but can meet at my local track (Innerleithen or Glentress)

Returns Sold as Seen

Product Spec:

Brand: 2 Stage

Product description

I have here my 2009 2Stage elite 9 for sale. These bikes retailed at 4,000 new. The stock component list can be found on the 2stage bikes website. The modifications I have made include:

Nukeproof Rear Wheel
Braided Brake Hoses – Oxblood Red
DMR V12 Pedals – Oxblood Red
Fat Boy Bars
Renthal Fat Bars

The bike has never been raced and only used on uplift days at my local track. It’s an amazing bike that I'll be sad to see go but It’s a waste just to be sitting in my garage when someone else could be getting the same fun as I’ve had out of it. The Paintwork is showing some signs of wear but the frame is sound and the bike has been serviced regularly.
The Elite 9 is an exceptionally rare bike; I’ve only seen one other on an uplift day in over 3 years! Still gets plenty looks and really is a confidence inspiring ride. It tracks and jumps beautifully due to the innovative rear suspension design that uses 2 rear air shocks that work independently, the first shock is 5" and set up with 50% sag takes care of all the rocks, roots and small drops. Just before you blow through the full 5" on the first shock the wheel base lengthens and the second shock kicks in with high air pressure to soak up the big drops, there is also an idler cog placed in between the two shocks which ensures that the second shock is in-active while the chain passes over it. I.e. the rider is pedalling; this creates a stable pedalling platform!

Owner Review

For the fun you're going to get out of riding this bike to anywhere near its full potential your getting an absolute bargain.

Any questions feel free to ask

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