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from Kinetics.org.uk

It’s a Kona,
right? An old Kona with old forks and old bits on. What’s it doing here

If I told you it was a folding bike, you’d laugh. Folding bikes have hinges
and shopping baskets and are pink and girls ride them until they start smoking
and snogging boys. That’s not a folding bike. That’s an old Kona.

And you’d be half right, but mostly wrong.


Ben from Kinetics let
slip that he had a folding mountainbike. But it rode like a normal one.
And he’s right… This bike rides exactly like an old Kona should. An old
Kona with a 50mm travel fork (how did we ever ride those) and a Kona with
huge big “Joes Clips” which reminds you why SPDs were invented.
But we shouldn’t really be looking at the bike. We should be looking at
the S&S things…

But yeah, they
work. Incredibly well. A small spanner is all you need to take them apart
and they make the bike ride like they’re not there. Which is a compliment
if ever there was one. Cables come apart with similarly neat little cable
splitters which are protected with rubber O rings to stop them scratching
or chinkling on the tubing.


Click before every trip!

You can either spec them
when you have a frame built, or have them added to a steel frame. They’re
not cheap, adding around £250 to the price of the frame, but it’s
certainly no-hassle if you travel a lot. We like.



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