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ATB Sales have released this information to us
before any other media in the world. The bike will be launched on the
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The SL-4.5 combines Jon Whyte’s Championship winning
suspension system with cutting-edge materials technology to create the World’s first
production full suspension bike frame made entirely from Magnesium alloy.


Until recently the technology required to extrude
and weld Magnesium was a closely guarded military secret but this technology is now
becoming commercially available. Working closely with the scientists that have been
developing high-tech Magnesium alloys for military and space applications, Jon Whyte
has redesigned his award winning suspension system to take best advantage of the
fabulous properties that Magnesium offers.


Apart from its incredible weight advantage, (it is
35% lighter than Aluminium) Magnesium has fantastic damping properties, which create
a bike with silky smooth riding characteristics.


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about Magnesium here — >


The SL-4.5 is made from a radical new material, but
the innovation has not stopped there. Also featured on the SL-4.5 is a new swingarm
design that incorporates the BIG GRIPPER dropout system.


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the Big Gripper — >


The SL-4.5 frameset is wonderfully light, weighing
in at just 4.5lb (excluding shock). In the XT spec. the SL-4.5 will be in the 24lb
range. But unlike most ultra-light aluminium alloy frames, the SL-4.5 is super stiff
thanks to the combination of oversize magnesium tubes, new swingarm design and special


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