Orange Patriot MM

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are making five exclusive millennium issue Patriot bikes, called the Patriot MM.

Specced with Manitous limited edition 5in travel Millennium fork (of which only 2000
will be supplied worldwide), the bikes will be specc’ed with the highest of components,
Hope discs, specially engraved on the rotors with the Orange logo, Shimano’s top
of the range XTR groupset for the transmission and a Fox twin clicker Vanilla rear
shock identical to the ones the Team used in ’99.

The five customers who purchase a Patriot MM will be invited to the Orange factory
in Halifax to watch their bike being assembled, to tour the Orange frame building
plant and invited to go out riding with Orange owners Lester Noble and Steve Wade.

BIKEmagic has been offered the chance to test ride one of these machines ahead of
any other members of the press. And we’ll be heading down the factory in the next
couple of days to sort out a once in a lifetime ride. Keep it here for the latest.

To see the details on the Patriot MM check the Orange site page target=”_blank”>


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