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SIZE=”2″ FACE=”Arial”>The Malaysian carbonfibre monocoque bikes from EP-X of Warwick
- first seen at Bike 99 – are ready for shipping to your local bikeshops.

Two years in development. £2 million in direct costs. 2000 bikes to shift in
the UK this year. EP-X is looking to have a big impact with 100 bikeshops around
the country.

EP-X is aiming high. Not for them the traditional route of bicycle consumer mags,
their PR company has the brief to get coverage in lifestyle mags. And an ad campaign
has also just started. HotAir, the inflight magazine of Virgin Trains, carries the
first ad, a distinctly classy lifestyle offering.

The magazine also carries gushing editorial on the EP-X roadster:

“Anyone who’s ever replaced a chain wearing a white t-shirt will love the rubber
belt drive. There’s good news too for space starved urbanites and train travellers
- EP-X folds in half.”

not quite in half: the bottom bracket section – which acts as the bike’s rear damping
unit – pivots so the back wheel can be placed close to the front one.

LINKS: www.ep-x.com<FONT
SIZE=”2″ FACE=”Arial”>

This website doesn’t contain a great deal at the moment but this will change as the
consumer adverts start promoting the site.


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