New Canyon Nerve AL 27.5″ and Spectral AL 27.5 and 29″

Bike 2: New Spectral AL 29

Evolution rather than revolution: 27.5″

Bikers who have already ridden 26″ and 29″ bikes know from experience that the feel of these bikes differs massively from each other. 27.5″ is often held up as the Goldilocks compromise but this is not quite accurate. Like 29″ (based on the 28″ wheel rim size), 27.5″ is a fictitious dimension. In fact the wheel rim diameter of 27.5″ wheels is very close to 26″. Our testing experience has shown that this minor different nevertheless drastically improves ride characteristics.

The completely newly designed frame on the Spectral AL is therefore a development of the 2013 Nerve AL+ all-mountain bikes , which includes lots of new and time-tested technical features. The Spectral AL is a fine addition to the Canyon trail bike family, a big brother if you like.

– Canyon

Canyon Spectral AL 29

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