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BORDER=”0″>Check this out. Without
a doubt the most extreme downhill bike we’ve ever seen. Anywhere. Built by the guys
Machine Works
, the TMX pushes
the envelope of long travel further than ever before. Full details can be found at
, but summarising…

This bike fully adjustable. It can be short with a 16.75″ chainstay, or extra
long at 18.25″. Head tube angle adjusts + or – 3 degrees allowing setup with
26/26 x 3″, 24/24 x 3″, 26/24 x 3″, or regular MTB tires.

Head tube angle adjustability also allows for forks with 6″ to 10″ stroke.
Travel is adjustable as well as shock rate. Also the new FOX 2.75″ stroke x
8.75″ eyelet shock can be used with slightly less travel (8″ to 9.75″).

TMX features dual chain Independent Drive System<FONT
SIZE=”1″ COLOR=”#000000″ FACE=”Verdana”>. There is NO drivetrain induced shock compression
(power robber movent). There is NO drivetrain induced shock lockout (suspension robber
movement). There is NO chain grow at all! The derailleur does only shifting duty,
not chain slack take-up due to suspension movement. These things are PARAMOUNT on
a bike with 10.5 inches of travel! This system, combined with the new full floating
four bar disc brake system makes the rear suspension TRULY ACTUALLY FULLY INDEPENDENT
of what the rider is doing (hammering, sitting, skidding, doing a dead sailor, drinking
a soda) and from the terrain (smooth whoops, baby heads at 50, dropping off a house,
riding down a 150 step staircase).

The bike in the picture s set up
for Total Motocross, with 24″ front and rear Nokian Gazzaloddi 3″ wide
tires, Marzocchi Monster T fork, and BMW custom .120″ wall 4130 3″ riser
bars (close to 3 lbs. alone). It is set up with the burliest parts for stunt work
and death drops and weighs 53 lbs. complete. Set up “Norba Style” with
regular wheels and tires, any other DH fork, and normal bars and seatpost, the complete
bike weighs in in the low to mid 40 lbs. range.


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Frame construction: 100% 4130 chrome-moly steel, tig welded

Frame size: 13″

Rear wheel travel: 8.5″ to 10.5″ (265 cm)

Head tube angle: adjustable 66 to 69 deg.

Seat tube angle: 38 deg. actual (71 deg. effective)

Top tube: 23″

Chainstays: 16.75″ to 18.25″

Bottom bracket: 15″ to 16″ adjustable

Wheelbase: 44.75″ to 44.65″

Head tube: 4″ long, for 1 1/8″ steerer & headset

Seat post: 1 1/8 (28.6mm)

Seat clamp size: 1 1/4 (31.8)

Shock: RCR 3″ stroke or FOX 2.75″ stroke

Rear Brake: Full floating disc system with universal large rotor “A” mount

Drive train: BMW Independent Drive System with derailleur

Rear hub spacing: 150mm for use with AC Air Cooler hub

Front derailleur: N/A

Compatible tires: 26″ x 3″, 24″ x 3″, regular MTB or in any combo

Frame weight with shock: 12.5 pounds



Frame sold with an RCR 3″
stroke shock, floating disc caliper mount, Profile 4130 3-piece cranks ir Technique
cranks, custom B.B. spindle, eccentric bottom bracket, built in fork stop, Independent
Drive System components (drive shaft, bearings, 2 drive shaft cogs), chain guide
pulleys, chain guard, floating derailleur hanger, built in chain tensioners, and
custom AC Air Cooler hub with 12mm. thru axle.



Pictures and text ©
Brooklyn Machine Works 1999.


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