Lapierre Froggy 2011

The new Froggy 518

If the Spicy isn’t enough bike for your type of riding, then there’s a fairly high chance that the Froggy, the next bike up in the Lapierre range, is the one for you.

The Froggy gets 180mm of travel from the OST suspension setup and for 2011, as with the Spicy, it’s a case of tweaks rather than any major redesigning.

Two bikes will be offered, the 518 with Fox 36 Van fork and single ring setup or the 218 with a RockShox Domain fork. Both frames share the new Syntace 12x142mm bolt-through axle for an stiffer swingarm.

The geometry has been altered, with half a degree taken off the head and seat angles (now 66° and 71°). A frame only option will be offered with that using the Supreme 6 aluminium front triangle.

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