Intense Cycles Carbine and Tracer 650b bikes revealed

If 29er was the ‘big thing’ that was causing heated debates and arguments right across the internet, then what are we to make of the growing number of 650b bikes? Simply more choice, which can’t be a bad thing, or a step in the wrong direction for the future of the sport?

Whatever the answer, Intense Cycles have released details and photos of two new 650b bikes (or 27.5 as they’d rather call it but we’re going to stick with 650b, because that’s what it is), in the Carbine and Tracer.

Intense have used their G1 dropout system to make the change easy, machining dropouts that allows the frame to take 650b wheels. They also stretch the chainstays a tad and drop the bottom bracket height a smidgen.

The Tracer here is built with a RockShox 150mm 650b fork and delivers a 67 degree head angle and 13.3in bottom bracket height. And that’s about all we know for how. Lovely look bike that Carbine though.

More details soon.

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