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Ragley 2011


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Building on a successful first year, Ragley puts extra focus on steel for 2011 with the launch of three new frames.

The first is the Piglet, a 120mm steel hardtail with steeper angles than the Blue Pig, making it a little more mainstream than Ragley’s first frames. Headangle Is 68.5 degrees with a 73.5 degree seat angle. There’s some interesting features, as we’d expect from this brand, like the ‘Fathead’ externally tapered downtube to lower the weight, and unique 3-finger bridge on the driveside chainstay – now forged – and there’s conventional seat stays.

It’s looking like a 17in size will be offered too, and they’re also considering a 14in choice, given the extra stretch of the longer top tube. £270 with several colours to choose from.


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