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Lapierre's Overvolt E-bike in Action

Lapierre's Overvolt E-bike in Action

It’s the year of the e-bike and every brand seems to be pushing a bike with electronic pedalling assistance. Here’s a nice edit of Lapierre’s take on the theme with their Overvolt. Nico Vouilloz, 10 time World Champion, talks us through the bike and the advantages of having an electric motor… What do you lot think to the idea?

  1. Richard Hayter

    Maybe in 10 years, a bike like this will feel like a Godsend to my old body. But it’s not for me yet.

    1. James McKnight

      Just think how much you could beat Stava times by though…

  2. Textuality

    Not for me (yet), but it’s easily the best looking ebike I’ve seen so far.


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