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Uberbike Components – just in

Uberbike Components – just in

Replacing those components that wear out quickly, and we’re talking brake pads and bottom brackets here, can be a tiresome but necessary part of mountain biking. It can also be expensive.

Fortunately there’s plenty of companies out there striving to keep your bike in good running order, without having to smash the piggy bank. Fresh out of the starting blocks is Uberbike, and they’ve just sent in this bunch of components for us to try out.

First impressions are good (they’re brake pads, how can they impress more) and a glance at their website reveals a vast range of components. Prices look good too.

The brake pads are really the most interesting product, as we know some people eat through their pads in no time at all. They cater for all disc models, with these Avid pads starting from £5.49 for a semi metallic compound, rising to £6.99 for a sintered type.

The bottom bracket on my Kinesis hasn’t been sounding too healthy recently, so I’m going to slap this on. The cups are CNC-machined from 6061 aluminium and the stainless steel bearings are replaceable. Weight is just 96g, and it costs just £29.99. Other colours are available, and a ceramic version costing £54.99 is available too.

  1. BHB 10.6.6

    It may be interesting to see how these chaps are different to Superstar Components who seem to do the same thing.

    It’s most certainly worth a Punt though on my EX8 as the XT BB I put on that was seemingly made from clotted cream.

  2. Ian Bell

    Do the bottom brackets come in GXP?

  3. David Arthur

    Doesn’t say anything about GXP on their website, I’ll chuck them an email

  4. Mountainbike verkopen

    Will there be a follow-up post about the durability of the components?

    1. David Arthur

      That’s certainly the plan. The bottom bracket and brake pads are being fitted this weekend, and we’ll report back in due course – once we’ve done enough riding to attempt to wear them out

      1. Mountainbike verkopen

        Okay, can’t wait for it.

  5. Uberbike

    We will be adding GXP compatible and press fit 30 bb’s to our range shortly.


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