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SRAM GripShift details emerge

SRAM GripShift details emerge

Taken back to the drawing board and reengineered form the inside out; GripShift is back and better than ever before.

In the battle for the lightest bikes, GripShift has emerged as the next step towards saving a few grams, much to the delight of cross-country racers. It’ll only be available at the top level, on XX and X0 groupsets, and will work with existing 2×10 SRAM groups.

And today more details emerge of the new GripShift. Crisp shifting is made possible with full metal indexing, in something SRAM calls Speed Metal. Three rows of ball bearings, 120 in total, will reduce the necessary force for shifting, as well as ensuring continued performance in all weather conditions.

The short section of grip will be a lock-on design, and ‘jaws’ will interlock the grip with the shifter unit to create a secure setup that will resist twisting.

And talking of weight, just 207g for a complete setup including cables and clamps is pretty damn light. The XX model includes a carbon cover which knocks the weight down further.

No UK prices yet, but in theUSprices wills start from $206.

  1. john braithwaite

    doaes this mean that disabled riders will be able to have multi geared bikes ?

  2. Joanne Merritt

    Are there any bikes coming out on the market fitted with the new gripshift?

    1. David Arthur

      That’s a very good question Joanna, and sadly I don’t have the answer. I’ll expect we’ll see some 2013 bikes fitted with it, but we won’t hear much about those until August/September


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