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SIZE=”2″ FACE=”Arial”>USE have developed a new seatpost design, called Alien. Available
shortly, the post will be available in three lengths, four sizes and four colours,
as well as Shok Post and Carbon models.

The first ALIENS to land will be the aluminium ALIENS. These will arrive in bike
shops just before Christmas. Hot on their heals will be the svelte Carbon range and
not long after will be the Shok Post ALEINS available in the early months of year

The ALIEN post is significantly lighter than USE’s old post design ñ a standard ALIEN
aluminium post in 350mm length and 27.2mm size weighs in at 198g making it possibly
the lightest “Ally” post available. The Carbon ALEIN is even lighter by
20g. Unlike conventional seat posts, the main load bearing is not on the head, but
directed through the “ALIENís head” and into the post itself. This results
in a stronger and even lighter seat post. USE claim that in tests the ALIEN has beaten
just about all the other terrestrial seat posts for ultimate and fatigue strength

design has been developed using the latest sophisticated FEA (Finite Element Analysis)
computer modelling as well as in house “lab testing” by U.S.E., Giant and
Specialized. On top of that, racers from the Giant International MTB race team have
been hammering the ALIEN in the dirt.

Adjustment is a doddle. The ALIEN uses two “rear-entry” bolts that cleverly
raise the saddle rails on the ALIENís head and lock them into position. Set up is
as easy as 1: position saddle, 2: slide in lower blocks, 3: insert bolts and tighten.


Aluminium 7075 Colours available Silver ; Black ; Red ; Blue

USE shim system available all sizes 25.4mm-32.8mm in 0.2mm increments and a special
30.9mm size.

USE “SX” shim system available – sizes from 28.0.. – 32.8mm in 0.2mm increments
and a special 30.9mm size.