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Charge Scoop Saddle Review

Charge Scoop Saddle Review

I’ve long been a fan of Charge’s saddles, the lightweight Knife has been a regular fixture on my bike over the past year (read my review here) and the Scoop has been a perennial fave. The Scoop is their latest saddle, based on the Spoon with a very similar shape, but the new unique three-piece construction gives the saddle a very clean look. And at 251g for the chromoly railed version (there’s a Ti one too) and only £40, it’s ticking all the boxes.

Charge launch the new Scoop saddle with unique construction.
Charge launch the new Scoop saddle with unique construction.

It most especially ticks the “comfort” box. The shape, slightly raised tail, drooping nose, thin at the front, wide at the back, deep sides and recessed channel, combined with the generous padding, means this is an extraordinarily comfortable saddle. It’s noticeably plusher than the Knife. There’s plenty of flex in the saddle base too.

Turn the saddle over and you’re presented with a very clean one-piece nylon base. There’s none of the traditional stitching and stapling of regular saddles, it’s just very smooth. It’s a very smart and sleek saddle, and one benefit is that it’s easier to clean and stays look smarter for longer.

On the bike, it’s a bloody comfortable saddle. Without padded shorts it’s ok-ish for short rides, but I typically wear a padded short under my baggies for most rides, and here the saddle presents no cause for complaint at all. Short and long rides are dispatched with ease. Of course, everyone is fussy about saddles but based on how universally well received and liked the Spoon was, I’m willing to bet most people will get on fine with the new Scoop.

It comes in a range of eight colours so you should be able to personalise your bike a little, or at least get a saddle to loosely match the general colour scheme of your bike, if you’re into that sort of thing. The cover is a waterproof microfibre material and washes clean after muddy rides.

Check out the Charge video


Comfortable and good looking saddle at a decent weight and keen price.

Price: £39.99 chromoly rails / £59.99 titanium rails
More information: Charge Scoop saddle

What Charge says:

A highly-flexible, one-piece base with a super-light foam top, encased with a durable and waterproof microfibre cover. Available with chromoly rail or super lightweight titanium rails.

  1. serge the seal of death

    I think one of these will be on my christmas list.

  2. chris-m

    I was looking at this thinking “what’s the point!”. It’s more than the Spoon (which is £27), and has a similar shape, BUT, you look at the images and the comparison between the Spoon and the Scoop and the look is very clean and neat and the lack of perforation on the Scoop, is very appealing. It’s a bit more cash, but if it is close to the Spoon in comfort, it may well be a very popular saddle too. I do think the Spoon will sell better, but the design of the Scoop will appeal to people who aren’t just considering the word “cheap”.

  3. serge the seal of death

    See i like it because it has not perforations, i think it will be a great winter saddle, and will easily shrug off the mud etc. Plus compared to most saddles the whole charge range are massive bargins.


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