Forks (Suspension)

Marzocchi goes 1”

At first glance this fork looks like a normal MX Pro ETA. But it’s vitally different, sporting a 1in steerer tube. There are still loads of well-loved and well-maintained older bikes out there, but getting a suspension fork with a 1in steerer is increasingly difficult. Marzocchi, though, has come to the rescue for 2008.

Based on the MX Pro ETA, the fork offers 100mm of coil/air sprung and RV damping with external adjustment and an ETA dial locking the fork down to 25mm of travel for better climbing. The Magnesium alloy legs are fitted with mounts for V-brakes bosses (it’s safe to assume disc brakes won’t be needed here), 30mm stanchions and a weight of 2.17kg (4.8lb).

They’re available for a limited time only and priced £224.95, so be quick if you want a pair. Marzocchi say there’s popular demand for a 100mm fork with a 1in steerer tube, but we can’t help wonder what a bike old enough to need a 1in steerer fork will handle like, what with the lack of geometry correcting for long forks when 1in bikes were the vogue.

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