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Magura release 29er and 650b suspension forks

Magura release 29er and 650b suspension forks


Well here’s a surprise. Magura, the German suspension fork and disc brake manufacturer, have released their first 29er fork. But that’s not all, as their crystal ball gazing has also prompted them to produce a 650b fork.

Whether 650b is ‘the next big thing’ (which could be difficult as we’re currently in the middle of ‘the next big thing’ with 29ers) or not, Magura are keen to be right there from the beginning, and not miss the boat like they did with the 29in wheel size.

First up, the new 29er suspension fork comprises a selection of forks with travel ranging from 80mm to 120mm, and using the familiar Double Arch Design that is a key part of the forks. A new M15 thru-axle features for the first time on this fork, and offers a 15mm bolt-through, arguably the standard axle size for all but downhill-specific forks. Tapered and standard 1 1/8″ steerer tubes will be available.

Magura have developed the M15 for its new 29er forks. It uses a self-retaining thread that allows you to easily tighten the axle using a Torx T25 bolt with a special tool concealed inside the axle. The company says this designed protects the threads against contamination. This system of axle and integrated tool weighs only
58 grams.

An intuitive feature are the Protection Caps at the lower end of the forks. They prevent damage to the drop outs and rebound dial while the wheel is removed. These are fitted to all forks with thru-axles.

  1. simon spragg

    So err am I missing something what actually is a 650b fork??? Sounds like riding a mountain bike requires us to now have special “keep up with marketing hyperboil! Thought we were in an economic ressession? What is wrong with just having a big grin from riding rather than confusion from too many hyped up products from fat cat marketing companies!!!

    1. Jon D'oh!

      Well said Simon. BM needs a like button.

  2. Guy Sellwood

    Yes – like Simon above – what the ‘ell is a 650b?


  3. Guy Sellwood

    Yes – like Simon above – what the ‘ell is a 650b?


  4. chris-m

    @ Simon and Guy. 650b is basically 27.5″. So another wheel size. Although we’ll have to get used to it because it appears that it’s going mainstream! It’s going to get a whole lot more confusing when buying.

  5. serge the seal of death

    650b is what MTB were going to be back in the 70s, but due to tyre supply problems they went 26 inch.
    bike manufactures are having problems getting the benefits of large dia wheels, ie 29ers to work well with more aggressive full sus riding, like DH and freeride, all mountain, blar blar blar, but there is an advantge over the old 26inch wheel, so they have decided to go back and look at 650b.
    this can keep wheel base shorter to make these bikes nippy, but get the rolling benefits and grip advantage of the larger wheels.
    so basically as i see it, XC and marathon will be 29ers / 650b in both full sus and hard tail,
    650b in trail bikes and dh
    with a mixtue of 26 over both for a while.


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